AirportDalaman (DLM, LTBS)
Number of pilots2
Hostess / Cabin Officer1
Passenger Capacity6
Washbasin / WcAvailable
Cab Length4.75
Cab Height1.42
Luggage Capacity1.54 m³
Cruising Speed648 km/hour
Maximum Range3230 km


Renting a Private Jet to Dalaman, with another saying, chartering a jet is an individual or corporate way of air transportation, with a dedicated jet airplane. Private jets are mainly divided into 4 main categories: light jet, mid size jet, heavy jet and vip airliners. These categories also have sub categories such as super light jet, super mid size jet and ultra long range jet. These categories basicly depend on the cabin sizes. Ultra long range aircraft are categorized as per their range, as these aircraft are equipped with extended fuel tanks to fly for longer and further. There is another category depending on the engine type such as , single engine, turboprop, turbojet, etc…

Private jets are the easiest way of air transportation thanks to simplified procedures. The passengers mostly use a General Aviation Terminal with a lot of facilities like VIP Lounges, crew rest rooms, a very fast access to the aircraft, etc… On board services are also focused for the comfort of the passengers. Some of these extra services are internet access, shower, bedrooms,conference rooms, seperated cabins, etc…

The procedure of Renting a Private Jet starts with a simple phone call or online flight request . After deciding the right jet, depending on the route the operator makes some arrangements like landing permission for the destination country, slot, ppr for the airport, overflight permissions for the countries en route and airport handling services. These are very important arrangements as they might effect your departure time directly and some times more than effecting, it might lead the flight to cancellation which is not desired at all. This is why Vip Star Aviation has a very professional team of operations. Finally you just hop the jet and go unless you work with an amateur company.

The pricing of a private flight are mostly all inclusive and the passengers get a package offer. And this price depends on the hourly price of the jet. The duration of the flight hence is the main indicator of the cost.

Our papular destinations:
From UK to Dalaman,
From Any Europa Airport to Dalaman,
From Russia to Dalaman,
From Middle East to Dalaman,
From Turkmenistan to Dalaman,
From Kazakhstan to Dalaman,
From Azarbaycan to Dalaman..